Walk-In Greenhouses

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Greenhouse 2
Long tunnel greenhouse

Walk-In tunnel type greenhouses are available in many sizes. Our anchors are not designed for the primary security of large industrial type greenhouses, but are well suited to the smaller types.

The greenhouses in this section are the type with round steel tubes and a covering of flexible plastic sheeting. The smaller types are often supplied complete with pegs to hold them down, and if you intend siting the greenhouse in a very secluded position, they may suffice. However for the most part, they are included so the manufacturer can claim the pack is complete, rather than offering a viable method of security.

Our fixings use our low cost Hellanker standard anchors and a clamp bracket, the clamp is available in sizes from 1″ to 2″. There is no need to drill any tubes and they can be removed and used again any number of times.

The clamp bracket can be used with any size anchor, but obviously the smaller anchors will not secure a large tunnel and the larger anchors will be overkill for hobby greenhouses, as a guide, most tradesmen use the 1.2 x 17″ and 1.2 x 21″ for tubes up to 1 1/8″, the 1½” x 27″ anchors for tubes up to 1½” and 2″ x 31″ for tubes up to 2″. If you have very hard ground, then smaller or shorter anchors may suffice, but larger anchors may be needed for soft soil. Do not overtighten the clamps, especially if using very thin wall or aluminium tube, as the tube may be squashed. Also remember to protect any flexible covering near the clamps to avoid abrasion.

Measuring the tube.
Some tube is made in metric sizes, so we have given both metric and inch sizes in the product listing.

The correct method of measuring

Measuring the tube accurately

Clamps are available to fit tubes from 1" to 2".  The clamp can be larger than the tube but not smaller.  Do not rely on any printed data sheet for the size as they are often out of date and inaccurate. Ensure you measure the tube you intend clamping to, as they may differ slightly from cross poles, curved poles etc.

This will not be accurate

The wrong way to measure tubes

On larger tubes especially, this method is little better than guesswork

E29 - E51 brackets

Clamp type ground anchor bracket


E30 clamp bracket

E30 bracket on tunnel greenhouse 1
Anchoring a tunnel greenhouse