About Us

Top of ring anchor
Top of standard Hellanker anchor
Top of flanged top anchor
Top of Hellanker equestrian ground anchor

We have been manufacturing ground anchor systems for many years. The anchors do not need concrete, they can all  be installed without needing specialist installation equipment, they can be reused, recycled and are totally environmentally friendly.

Nothing harmful is left in the ground if they are no longer required.  Their removal does not cause damage to sensitive surfaces, lawns etc. and they are all made in our own factories, nothing is imported from China or any other far eastern country.

Hellanker™ standard anchors are or have been used in over 20 countries worldwide and for a huge variety of applications, including use by military and government organisations, relief agencies and many others. Our equestrian anchors are widely used on many eventing courses including courses in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden and Australia.

Erdanker™, Sherman™, Hellanker™ are protected trademarks in the US, and registered trade marks in the EU.