How to anchor a swing set

Anchoring a garden swing set

Using 1½" x 27" ED Hellanker ground anchors for a metal leg swing set.

Anchoring a metal swing set -1

1/ Use a sledge hammer and hammer in the anchors, close to the legs

Hrellanker ground anchor on swing set

2/ Hammer down to just above ground level and so the top is at the correct angle for the bracket you intend using

Anchoring a swing set - 3

Bolt the bracket to the anchor, drill a hole in the leg for a bolt. (if using a D type bracket)

Anchoring a swing set without any bracket

Often, a simple timber spacer can be used instead of a bracket

Fitting E type bracket

If you don't want to drill the tubes, use an E series bracket which clamps the tube. Firstly hammer the anchor in as usual.

Hellanker E35 bracket on swing leg

2/ Fit the E type bracket with the appropriate size clamp and tighten up. If using very thin tube or aluminium, don't tighten so much that the tube is squashed

Timber swing seat secured with 1½" x 27" anchors and B403 brackets

Fixing a 2 seat awing

1/ Hammer the anchor in close to the leg, but only in enough to stop it falling over

Anchoring a swinging seat

2/ Lift the swing away then continue hammering the anchor in to ground level. Moving the swings set away is not essential of course but does avoid accidentally scratching or damaging the leg when hammering

Anchoring a 2 seat swing with B type fittings

3/ Fit the bracket

Anchoring a swinging seat using a spacer

A timber spacer can be cut and used instead of a bracket