Securing XC horse jumps

Anchors for cross country jumps

Low Head safety ground anchors to fix down cross country jumps.

Cross country horse racing can be a dangerous sport, tragically a number of riders have been seriously injured while competing, some fatally. Some accidents have been caused by the jump moving and in some countries, including the UK, it is forbidden to organize competitions with unfixed jumps.

Our spiral anchors have been used for many years, they are fully approved of by 'British Eventing', the governing body in the UK. They are used in a number of countries and are specifically designed for equestrian use. They can be used to fix down all types of horse jump but the primary use is for cross country jumps.

Fixing a jump using low head safety anchors.

  1. First fix the T505 bracket to the jump using large bolts or lag screws. Although the bracket has 6 holes, often 3 or 4 fixings are enough.
  2.  With the jump in position on the course, hammer the anchor through the slot in the T505 bracket, the anchor will rotate, cutting a neat thread in the ground.

The slot prevents the anchor from turning should the jump start to lift. Removal is straight forward, the anchor is simply unwound from the ground, leaving almost no marks or damage. We do offer a removal wrench but any large adjustable wrench works just as well. The anchors can of course be used over and over again.

Dirtbolt anchor system for horse jumps

Reasons why the Hellanker anchors are almost certainly the best currently available system for equestrian use.

Safety and Design
Having a low but wide top, they offer the safest top of any anchor available and are designed for use near cattle and horses

Easy and quick removal
We can supply a purpose made removal wrench, but any large adjustable wrench works just fine.

Optional additional safety
For the ultimate in safety, a rubber cover is available to slide under and over the bracket, it also hides the anchor top which some folk prefer, it takes only a few seconds to fit.

2" x 18" Low head anchor and T505 bracket

Hellanker equestrian anchor and bracket

Deciding on the appropriate size and quantity of anchor for equestrian jumps

Points to consider:
Is the jump used from both sides?
Is the jump 1 piece or 2 pieces?
Soil conditions? (hard or soft/sandy)

If the jump is double sided and in a position to allow jumping from both sides (mainly in a practice scenario), it's essential to have anchors front and back, or on the sides.
Stout one piece jumps can sometimes use an anchor on each outside edge instead of the front or back, but they need to be positioned towards the front. Two piece jumps are going to need at least 2 anchors on each piece. 
It's also important to mount the brackets on a sturdy part of the jump, if the lumber is not that thick, then 6 screws or bolts might be required, but for thicker wood, it's often not necessary to use all 6 holes. The 2" x 18" LP anchor is ideal for most ground conditions and is the most widely used equestrian anchor. 2" x 26" LP anchors are used for soft or sandy soil. Both anchors use the T505 bracket.

Optional rubber cover

An optional rubber cover is available that clips over the T505 bracket. If, because of the construction of your jump, you have to mount the bracket in a slightly exposed position, then the cover can be an advantage, however, most folk don't bother with covers.

Hellanker rubber cover for T505 bracket

2" x 18" LP Safety anchor
(The standard anchor for normal ground)

2" x 18" Equestrian ground anchor

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2" x 26" LP safety anchor
(Ideal for soft ground)

2" x 26" Equetsrian ground anchor

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T505 bracket

T505 Hellanker bracket

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Only for removal (Its not essential - standard tools work just as well)

LP anchor wrench

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Optional rubber cover

Rubber cover

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