Securing park and garden benches

Securing a garden bench using Hellanker low cost ground anchors

Park benches, garden benches, street furniture, light but valuable garden ornaments, statues etc. are normally secured to the ground for safety and to avoid theft. The Dirtbolt Hellanker range offer a low cost, straight forward solution.

Fixing park benches with Hellanker ground anchors.

The simplest way is to bring the bench into place and hammer or push the anchors into the ground as close as possible to the bench legs, force them into the ground just enough so they stay upright, then move the bench out of the way and hammer the anchors in till almost ground level and so the top is at the correct angle, then lift the bench back into position and bolt or screw the brackets on. The bench does not have to be moved but it does avoid the chance of marking the bench with the hammer.

B type bracket on garden bench

B type bracket on timber bench

Fixing a garden bench using JF type anchors

The Hellanker JF anchors and P503 brackets are ideal for temporary installations. The brackets are first screwed or bolted to the legs, then the anchors are hammered through the slot in the brackets. If the bench needs moving, the anchors are just unwound, the brackets do not need to be disturbed - it makes it great for temporary situations.

Bench with JF type anchors

Timber bench with JF type anchors and brackets.


The most straight forward way is to use a timber spacer.

Wooden bench with anchor and wood block

Anchor without any bracket