Anchors for sailpalnes and light aircraft

Luscombes at flyinCub L4 with Dirtbolt anchors


Tiedowns for Sailplanes and light aircraft

Dirtbolt tiedowns are quick and easy to install and offer temporary or permanent lashing points and they don’t damage the ground if and when they need to be removed.

The anchors are not practical to be carried on board as they, and a large enough sledge hammer are far too heavy.

When aircraft are kept outside, or even parked for one night, they should be tied down, light taildraggers are especially vulnerable due to the fact they can start ‘flyimg’ at very low headwinds with the reduced weight of no one on board. The anchors are great for operators of small strips, as heavy duty tiedowns can be provided quickly for emergencies or air rallies etc.

When used individually, all the anchors must be prevented from rotating, in other situations rotation is prevented by using a rigid bracket, but where a rope is used, the pull needs to be at about 45 deg.

The various methods available include:
Using the W bracket which as a folding ring and slots for 2 low profile anchors.
Making use of 2 ring type anchors where the rope is bound round both rings. This has the advantage of doubling the load ability and also prevents each anchor from turning.
Just using standard anchors on their own, hammered in at an angle.

It is essential that the person putting the anchors in, uses his or her own judgement as to what might be suitable. We do not guarantee our anchors will hold in all situations. Unsuitable ground includes: mud, very soft soil, sand, recently disturbed ground etc. If you are unsure of the adequacy of an anchor bearing in mind expected wind conditions, we recommend not using them.

A 172 anchored with 1 ring type anchor

Cessna 172 with a Sherman anchor


C172 with 2 ring style anchors

C172 with 2 Sherman anchors


Cub with 2 anchors

Cub anchored


W505 bracket, it is secured using 2 low profile safety anchors.

Dirtbolt W505 bracket