Swing sets and outdoor play equipment

Swing and slide fixed to ground
Climbing frame

Fixing down outdoor gym and play equipment

All play equipment needs to be fixed down for safety, especially childrens swing sets.

Standard Hellanker anchors are well suited to permanent installations. For temporary situations, the JF range are better. Our low profile anchors are often used where the lowest possible anchor is needed.

Securing a garden swing set with low cost Hellanker anchors.

Firstly the anchors are hammered in, as close as possible to the swing legs, then when almost at ground level, a bracket is bolted to the swing leg and anchor. The  brackets B, D or E type are preferred as they have slots which allow some flexibility in the distance away from the leg. For timber square or rectangular legs, the B or D type are ideal, the former uses wood screws, the latter uses either a bolt or a lag screw. For timber round legs, the single hole D type are better. For swings sets with round metal legs, a D type fitting can be used, or, if you prefer not to drill the legs, an E type clamp fitting. The clamp fittings are used by first hammering in the anchor to almost ground level, then using an E style bracket with the correct size clamp. More information on using clamp fittings can be found here, they are available for tubes between 1" and 2" diameter. The most popular and best priced anchor used by contractors for swing sets is the 1½" x 27" standard Hellanker anchor

2 place swinging seat fixed with standard Hellanker anchors and D type fittings

2 place swing secured with Hellanker anchors

Timber swing set secured with Hellanker JF ground anchors

Timber swing set with Hellanker JF anchors

For metal swings, the 1½" x 27" standard Hellanker anchor and D403 bracket is often used

Metal swing with Hellanker ground anchors

Close up of D403 on swing set

Garden swing set fixed down with 1½" x 27" Hellanker anchor and E35 bracket

E35 bracket on garden swing set

Timber swinging chair with brackets

Timber singing chair with B403 bracket

D403 bracket on Timber swing set

Fitness equipment secured with low profile safety anchors and T505 brackets, including rubber covers

Gym equipment secured with safety anchors

Fitness equipment fixed down with Hellanker safety anchors