Dirtbolts will fix things directly to the ground without needing concrete

We offer a full range of ground anchors and brackets, in many sizes and lengths, suitable for fixing most things straight to the ground, no need to buy or rent any special tools. They can also be easily removed if needed, making them suitable for both temporary and permanent installations.

When sledge hammered in, they will rotate on their own and cut a precise thread, essentially bolting things to the ground. The thread parts are hardened so they can chisel into hard ground, asphalt, break up large stones, cut small tree roots etc., as well as allowing easy penetration of lawns, chalk, clay and general soil.

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Installation is totally straight forward, here's how the standard Hellanker™ anchors are used.


Using a sledge hammer (or club hammer for small anchors), force the anchor into the ground, it will rotate when hit and cut a precise thread in the ground. Continue until close to or at ground level.

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Once in to the required depth, bolt a bracket to the anchor and screw or bolt the bracket to the structure – that’s the job done! The bracket prevents any unwanted rotation.

If removal is ever needed, just unbolt the bracket and unwind the anchor – it doesn’t get much easier than that.

Dirtbolt ground anchor applications

c150 tailwheel anchored

Tiedowns for sailplanes and light aircraft

The W505 heavy duty bracket, secured with 2 anchors, can be used for permanent or temporary fixing. For safety, the securing ring lies flush with the ground when not used. Will not damage the ground if removed.

Swing set 1

Ground anchors for swing sets

A full range of ground anchors for individual, double, timber or metal swing sets, plus all the required brackets.

Run-In shed

Safety anchors for Run-in sheds

Shelters with exposed fronts are dangerous if not properly fixed down. Our equestrian safety anchors are designed specifically for animal shelters


2 timber benches

Light duty anchors to secure timber or metal park benches

Our smaller anchors are often used to quickly secure benches, outdoor tables, chicken coops, kennels etc.

250 tlr honda anchored

Sherman motorcycle ground anchors for open ground

Our security anchors are easy to put in and act as a chaining post for securing all sorts of portable things, generators, quads, garden machinery and of course motorcycles. They cannot be unwound if they are chained to something.

Cross country jump with Hellanker anchors

Anchors for Cross Country horse jumps

In some countries, including the UK, it's mandatory to secure cross country jumps. These anchors have been designed specially for equestrian jumps.



Outdoor play equipment

Slides, multi-use play systems, climbing towers etc.  need fixing down for security, we offer 3 styles of anchor to suit.

Trade fair

Temporary anchor points for trade fairs

The JF type anchors can be used to secure display items temporarily. The security anchors are popular to discreetly chain things down to avoid the need to constantly watch over them, always a problem if you're exhibiting and don't have many staff.

Small greenhouse and shed with anchors

Anchors for small sheds and greenhouses.

If using a concrete slab, then our anchors won't be suitable, but if you want to avoid the need to build a concrete base, then our large and medium size anchors will secure the structure directly onto open ground.

Anchors for Walk-In pvc greenhouses


Hellanker security ground anchors

Chain and rope anchors

The standard chaining anchor has a 5/8" hole which accommodates most padlocks. The ring anchors have a 4" diameter ring for ropes, chains, straps etc.

JF type anchor and bracket

JF type Dirtbolts.

Our flanged anchors are good for temporary or permanent fixings. In the event that your structure starts lifting, the anchor will not unwind as the bracket prevents rotation. They're great if you want to move your structure but don't want to re-fit the brackets every time. Ideal for agricultural shows and fairs.

Equestrian anchors

These heavy duty anchors have many uses, but their main application is for anything equestrian that needs securing down. The shorter versions are for xc jumps, the longer types for horse shelters


Old method for anchoring

For many applications, if you prefer backbreaking work because your father did it that way and his father before him, or just because you feel  more time and effort spent on a job must make it better, then this is what you'll have to do:

Obviously the weather has to be good,  dig the hole, mix up the concrete and pour it, get rid of the unwanted pile of soil, and wait while the concrete dries out, put some soil over the concrete and sow grass to cover the concrete.

If you ever need to get the anchor out, you'll need to break up the concrete and take it away, fill up the hole with soil which you'll have to get from somewhere, sow grass seed and wait for the grass to appear.

Dirtbolt method of easy anchoring

The Dirtbolt method:

Doesn't matter what the weather conditions are; just hammer the anchor in close to your structure, then bolt the bracket on - Done!

If you ever want to remove the anchor: remove the bracket and unscrew the anchor. If you tread over the cut where the anchor came out, the mark will disappear and you won't even see where it was.