Which anchor to use

Overview of Dirtbolt anchors

Different ground anchors for different situations.

Ring Anchors
The main application for the Hellanker Sherman anchors is for security. To reduce theft of motorcycles, trailers, quads, ladders etc. Also often used for mooring spikes for river boats. When used for security purposes, use a short chain as it prevents the anchor being rotated out.

Chaining anchors
Used for similar purposes to the ring anchor, but they cost less.

Low head safety anchors
the 2″ x 18″ equestrian anchors are mainly used for horse jumps, the longer equestrian anchors, mainly for shelters and run-on sheds.

Standard Hellanker anchors
Our most popular types with many uses

Flanged top ground screws
Can be used in many applications, but temporary situations are its most popular application.